Thursday, October 7, 2010


What a very typical dinner guest!  That giant spray bottle on the table is supposed to be my weapon against Claddagh, but as you can see it doesn't work so well.  After most dinners, the table is wet, the cat is soaked, and the spray bottle is empty.  SOME DAY he will learn- I'm determined!!

So yesterday was a pretty nice evening.  Got home by 6, was running by 6:10 with my awesome neighbor Rob, and then met Kevin (with Rob in tow) at Whole Foods to pick up a "fresh dinner" by 7:30.  Now this is the fun part.  I decided in a furry that fresh just meant different frozen food.  I have very little motivation to cook for an hour at 8pm when I'm starving, so the best solution always seems to be grabbing a frozen meal (this was Amy's Spinach Pizza and Sweet Potato fries w/Chipotle seasoning + green beans because you ALWAYS need a vegetable- thanks Mom!).  I usually do this because conveniently by the time I get home and shower, Kevin's got dinner ready! We can discuss the deeper meaning of that later if you really insist. Anyways, the dinner was delicious, even though it wasn't as fresh as I had hoped.  PLUS it's apple cider season, a perfect drink to have with dinner.  Unless I'm drinking beer.

On schedule for tonight?  Dinner out with my best friend forever (bff) Liz at Devil's Alley!


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  2. You forgot to mention the homemade southwest chipotle sauce I made for the sweet potato fries! I can't really offer exact measurements because I just guessed on all of it, but was about 2/3 mayonnaise and 1/3 chipotle sauce. Mix in some mustard powder, garlic powder, and bbq rub seasoning (which I could put on ANYTHING). I thought it came out pretty good!

  3. While it all sounds delicious, it's just so brown...Having said that,Claddagh adds a very nice touch to the setting. Kudos! P.S. Kitty boy will learn to love water before bending to your will.

  4. There is a lot of brown!! I need more color... what are your suggestions?!