Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What's for dinner?

Welcome!  I'm glad you've taken a moment to check out my new blog.  You may have visited the old one before,, but this is a whole new spin on me as a blogger.

For now, it's going to work a little something like this.  I'm going to do my best to blog about my dinner every day.  Hold off on your judgments- you'll see take-out, cereal (it's a favorite), nights out, Grandma Barb's homemade mac-n-cheese (also a favorite), mac-n-cheese from the box (spiral, from Wegman's is the best) and whatever else I cook up.  Some nights, the post will be a picture and a few word.  Others- maybe a bit more informative about the recipe and everything else going on in the big, bad real world.  I'd love for recipe suggestions, too! You post it, I'll do my best to make it and include it on this here site.

If you're new to me as a blogger, here's some key pieces of need to know information: I ramble, I really like using "-" in my posts, and it hurts my feelings when you don't comment.  I'm a recent Drexel graduate (as of June), and am finally living on my own with OUT 40 other freshmen girls.  No more RAing! I moved into a cute studio over in the Fairmount area in Philly, and commute to work every morning on the subway.  I have a kitten named Claddagh.  It's a male cat, even though you think his name is feminine. He doesn't mind. He's pretty involved in my dinner as much as I'd that not be the case. I'm also training for the November Philadelphia Marathon (that's the full 26.2 miles).  It's my first!

You'll probably learn a lot about Kevin too, whether he's on board with it or not.  We've been dating since August '09, and he will be the chef of a few of these dinners I'll be posting about.  

Stay tuned...I need to figure out what's for dinner tonight!


  1. YAY!!! I'm in! I will post and post and post some more... maybe offer a few tips and lots of praise cause let's face it, it's hard to feed yourself every single night! Aunt Whit

  2. No promises on ALWAYS feeding myself, but if I'm out to eat those will be posted too!! I'll eat a cheese steak for you!