Saturday, October 16, 2010


MAC N CHEESE PREMIER! Recipe will not be revealed, as it is property of my wonderful Grandma Barb.  Sorry!

I promised it would make an appearance, and it sure has.  This was by far the best batch to date, and not to brag or anything, but it was dammmmmmmn good.  I'm pretty sure that Sara, Jordan and Kevin would agree.

Saturday was a fabulous day in general.  I survived the full 18 mile run, took a nap with the cat (called a cat nap), cleaned up the place, hung out with Steph, decorated for Halloween (note the table runner!), baked muffins and brownies, perfected my mac-n-cheese recipe AND won Scategories.  Best. Game. Ever.  Okay well maybe not ever, but very fun.   The Phillies didn't quite win Saturday, but I forgave them because everything else was pretty darn awesome that day.

I wonder what will be for dinner tonight?!  I sense...chicken and vegetables!

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